Time to fight!


Matchmaking Options

Players have two options for their choice of battle: AI Battle and Multiplayer.

AI Battle

Here, players will be able to challenge six different AI opponents, each with their own battling style and team composition. However, each AI has a minimum "ELO Ranking" the player must possess in order to challenge them.


Face off against opponents from around the world! You'll be matched against an opponent of similar skill.

Team Choice and Items

Whether you selected AI Battle or Multiplayer, you'll eventually arrive at the same screen. Here, you'll be able to choose the Pikamoon Team you wish to bring into battle, as well as any items you want to equip. Note that when it comes to items, you can only bring a maximum of three (3) total, and no more than one (1) per item. So you couldn't bring two (2) Overmax Potions, but you could bring a Basic Potion, a Healing Mist, and an Overmax Potion.

When you're ready to begin, hit the Fight button. If you're facing an AI opponent, you'll hop straight into a fight. Otherwise, you'll be shown the below menu as the game attempts to locate a similarly-ranked opponent:

Don't worry if matchmaking takes a little bit. The game is attempting to match you with an opponent of a similar ranking, and sometimes this can take a while. If you can't find an opponent, feel free to face some AI opponents and try again later!


Welcome to the arena! It's you against your opponent. Two enter, and, well, two will leave. But only one will emerge a winner!

Choosing an Action


Choose one of your Pikamoon's moves. Simply tap on the icon in order to use it. Alternatively, you can also hold down your finger on the icon, in order to receive information about the move.


If you brought items, you can use them. Instead of your Pikamoon making a move, you can elect to use a Potion or Stat-Booster to heal or strengthen your active Pikamoon.


If your Pikamoon is low on health, or you just want to find a type advantage, you can choose to switch our your Pikamoon. You can then change your "active" Pikamoon with another one of your party members, providing they're not knocked out. Doing so will cost a turn.


Keep an eye on the turn timer! If it runs out, you'll skip your turn and your opponent will get to move for free. Worse yet, if you skip a turn twice, you'll automatically lose!

Move Calculation

After both players have chosen their actions, the game will calculate which player moves first. The Pikamoon with "priority" will then carry out their action, either using a move, using an item, or switching out. The second Pikamoon will then carry out their action. If a Pikamoon is defeated (i.e. their health dropping to 0), then the owner will automatically send out their next Pikamoon.

The Battle Continues

And with that, the match continues! Play will go on until a player's party is entirely defeated, at which point a winner and loser will be declared.

Advance Mechanics


The blue bar running across the top of the screen? That's priority. Every turn, the game will calculate which Pikamoon goes first. If the bar is blue, you're going first. If it's red, your opponent's moving first. This normally depends on a Pikamoon's Speed stat, but for the Beta, a Pikamoon's Speed can't be changed. Instead, you can use Offensive Moves with the Swift trait to guarantee you'll go first, or Support Moves to switch up the turn order.

ELO Score

That little number in the corner? That's your Pikamoon's ELO score. This was mentioned back in the Team Setup, but as a reminder, it's a "calculation" determining how strong your Pikamoon is. The higher the score, the stronger the Pikamoon. This will also influence the ELO Ranking calculation at the end of battle.

Critical Hits

Because sometimes, all you need is a little bit of luck! On occasion, you'll land a critical hit, which will deal massive damage!

Strengths and Weaknesses

As mentioned previously, Pikamoon have different elemental strengths and weaknesses. If you find an attack isn't dealing much damage, try switching to a different Pikamoon.

Post Battle

After a fun little victory animation, the players will be presented with a win/loss screen, depending on their result. The winner will normally receive an increase to their ELO ranking, while the loser will drop in the rankings. In addition, both players will receive gold they can spend in the shop.

And after? All that's left to do is hop right back into battle!

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