⚡Welcome to Pikamoon


The World of Dreva awaits...

Pikamoon is building a Metaverse like you've never seen before. Gorgeous visuals, immersive experiences, thrilling battles, and an epic story await you. Build and customize your own party from six different elemental types and 252 different species of Pikamoon, and use them to battle your way up the ranks. Explore the vast vistas of Dreva, from the ash-choked Flame Empire to the depths of the Stone Duchy. Protect the world from terrible threats, either alone or alongside your friends, and carve your name in the annals of history...

And you can get started for free.

Pikamoon also offers a premier P2E experience. Whether you're storming dungeons, uncovering ancient secrets, or wheeling and dealing items on the marketplace, there's a huge opportunity to earn $PIKA while playing.


Pikamoon is a GameFi token with a significant focus on community. We've studied previous successful GameFi tokens, taking inspiration from their best features and learning from their mistakes. The Pikamoon ecosystem has been forged from past greats, and now seeks to define the future of GameFi.


Our vision is to build the Metaverse, powered by a sophisticated in-game marketplace where users can buy, sell, rent, and trade their assets. We're working toward a future where Pikamoon offers the single greatest GameFI experience, backed by $PIKA.

Our word is our bond. We promise the community that we won't falter, offer empty promises, or deliver a subpar experience. We're a team of veterans, looking to build the game of our dreams.

Other projects launch with nothing. We've already released a fully-functioning Beta. We're just getting started.

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