⌚Item Shop

Guarantee your victory with the power of gold!

By accessing the store, players can purchase various different items that can be used in battle. Players can purchase item with gold, earned by battling AI opponents and other travelers.

Healing Potions:

  • Basic Potion: A potent healing spray that restores 50% of a Pikamoon's HP.

  • Healing Mist: A mystical spray that heals both your active Pikamoon and your party members for 50% of their HP.

  • Overmax Potion: A powerful healing spray that can fully heal one of your Pikamoon.


  • Adrena-Surge: Boost's a Pikamoon's Attack stat for the duration of a battle.

  • Iron Wall: Boost's a Pikamoon's Defense stat for the duration of a battle.

  • Time-Stop: Boost's a Pikamoon's Speed stat for the duration of a battle.

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