🎏Team Setup

Assemble the ultimate team!


Selecting Team Setup from the Main Menu allows you to build and customize up to three different teams.

You'll notice several details for each team: a name (which you can customize), an ELO score (calculating how strong your team is), and the Pikamoon present on the team.

The ELO score is determined by the three Pikamoon you choose to put on your team. This revolves around a lot of behind-the-scenes calculations, but you can essentially infer that the higher the ELO score, the stronger the team. However, a higher ELO score will also slightly reduce the ELO received upon winning a match (whereas a lower ELO score will slightly increase the ELO received). You don't need to worry about this too much, and only expert players should attempt to optimize their team's ELO score.

Tapping any of the Pikamoon on a team will open up the Pikamoon Selection screen:

  1. Pikamoon Name: Self-explanatory

  2. Typing: The Pikamoon's elemental typing.

  3. Stats: The Pikamoon's stats. For the Beta, these are currently locked.

  4. Level: The Pikamoon's level. For the Beta, this is currently locked.

  5. Pikamoon: Self-explanatory

  6. Moves: The different moves a Pikamoon can use. For the Beta, these are currently preset.

  7. Personality: A variable that slightly raises or lowers a Pikamoon's stats. In this example, Torrentar has high Health, okay Defense, and low Attack and Speed.

  8. Available Pikamoon: The different Pikamoon at your disposal. For the Beta, only six Pikamoon are available.


Each Pikamoon has four different moves. You can read up on each move's details by pressing down on any of the moves.

Move Types

There are two types of Moves in Pikamoon: Offensive and Support Moves.

Offensive Moves

Moves that deal damage. Any move with Power (used to calculate damage) and Accuracy (used to calculate how often the move will hit) is an Offensive Move.

Support Moves

Moves that buff your Pikamoon, debuff enemy Pikamoon, or any other move that doesn't deal direct damage.


Not all moves are created equal. Over the years, Pikamoon have evolved to change their abilities in new and unique ways.

  • No trait: Just a normal move. Nothing special about it.

  • Swift: A blazingly fast move. Guaranteed to go first.

  • Deadeye: A stunningly accurate move. Guaranteed to not miss.

  • Multihit: Low power but multiple strikes. Hit your opponent several times over.

  • Recoil: A deadly and dangerous attack! Powerful, but also damages your own Pikamoon.

  • Charge: Build-up to destruction! Charge moves are very powerful, but take a turn in order to power up.

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