A look at Pikamoon Moves

Pikamoon can know a maximum of four (4) moves. If a PIkamoon can learn a new move while already knowing the maximum amount, the player will be asked to delete an existing move or forgo learning the new move.

Each move possesses the following information:

  • Name: Name of the move. Self-explanatory.

  • Type: The elemental typing of the move (Fire/Water/Earth/Electric/Air/Rock).

  • Power: The base damage the move will deal.

  • Accuracy: The base accuracy of the move.

  • Trait: A special modifier that drastically changes the move.

  • Description: A brief bit of flavor text and an explanation of what the move does.

Offensive moves

Offensive moves are exactly what you think: a means of dealing damage to enemy Pikamoon. Battles against rival Travelers will almost always come down to whoever has Pikamoon left when, so youโ€™ll want to make sure you can hit hard.

Offensive moves can possess any of the following traits:

  • Deadeye: This move will never miss.

  • Swift: A Pikamoon using this move will act first, regardless of speed difference.

  • Multihit (x): A move that hits several times, with x being the number of times this move can hit.

  • Charge: The Pikamoon spends this turn โ€˜preparingโ€™ the ability, then unleashes it on the following turn.

  • Marker: The first time a move with Marker is used, the enemy Pikamoon is marked. The next time a move with Marker is used, the enemy Pikamoon takes additional damage, and the marker is removed.

  • Recoil: A move that, in addition to damaging the enemy Pikamoon, deals 1/3rd of its damage to the user.

  • Terminator: This move will automatically KO the enemy PIkamoon, regardless of HP.

  • Exhaustion: After using this move, the Pikamoon cannot use a move on their next turn.

  • Lethal: After using this move, the Pikamoon will immediately drop to 0 HP.

  • Cage: After being hit by this move, the opposing Pikamoon cannot switch out.

  • Ultimate: This move is the strongest move available of that Type.

Support moves

Support moves are designed to boost your own abilities, weaken the opposing Pikamoon, or assist with battle in some way.

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