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Overview of Gameplay

Pikamoon is an RPG with a particular focus on exploration, strategy, and combat. The game is split into two major modes: an offline campaign mode and an online multiplayer mode. Currently, our focus is solely on the offline mode, with multiplayer to come later.

Players will be able to explore the beautiful world of Dreva alongside their Pikamoon companion. They can either enter for free, or acquire a Pikamoon NFT, granting them access to P2E mechanics.

The game features a gripping main story that pits the player against a malevolent entity seeking to reshape the world. Players must travel the open-world environment, assemble the ultimate team, battle powerful bosses, and challenge the Gods themselves if they’re to have any hope of saving Dreva…

Gameplay is divided into two distinct sections: exploration and battles. Exploration takes place in a real time open-world environment. Players can travel the world, uncover hidden areas, talk with NPCs, purchase items, go on quests, and so much more!

Battles are turn-based fights between your Pikamoon and the opposing Pikamoon. Each Pikamoon has its own move set which can grow and evolve from experience gained in combat and specialized items. Players can also use items to help shift the tide of battle, either healing their injured Pikamon or boosting their stats to ludicrous levels. When a Pikamoon runs out of health, they need to rest for a few hours to recover (never dying, don’t worry).

The game features two currencies: Gold and $PIKA. Players can battle NPC trainers and complete quests to obtain Gold, which can be used to purchase essential items. $PIKA can be earned in "Corrupted Instances" (more on that later), completing challenges, and even just discovering new locations. $PIKA lets you acquire powerful items, buffs, and new Pikamoon from the in-game marketplace.


Gameplay Progression is primarily tied to defeating Guardians, powerful residents of the world of Dreva, and winning tournaments. Guardians can refer to several different figures, from faction leaders to dark forces seeking to destroy the world. Players will need to defeat these Guardians in order to progress the story, gain access to new locations, and acquire new items. In terms of narrative, these actions will also boost the player’s renown throughout the world. In-universe, the player is a “new visitor” to this realm. They are chosen to embark on a quest to save Dreva, but they also need to prove themselves throughout the journey.

In order to defeat these Guardians, players will need to capture new Pikamoon. This will add variety to their party selection, and allow them access to new tactics and moves that can help them attain victory when it was impossible before. As they grow in power over the course of the story, the player will eventually be able to challenge the Gods themselves…


Pikamoon is designed to be playable by all ages. The offline version of the game will not feature mature content of any kind (things like excessive violence, gore, swearing, sex, just to name a few). That doesn’t mean we’re not going to tackle mature topics or darker situations, just that they must be handled carefully and with respect to our audience.

Core Gameplay Loop

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