The world is yours to meld as you see fit.

From new capture devices to improve your catch rates, to unique gear capable of giving you that extra edge, the crafting system allows players to create

The player is able to craft most items present in the game, with the exception of marketplace-exclusive items.

Creating an Item

Players are able to open up their menu and select from a list of recipes they know. Providing they have the necessary components, they can craft the selected item. Players also have the option to set the quantity theyโ€™d like to craft, providing they have the materials to do so. Any item crafted by non-tradable components will itself be non-tradable.

Any item crafted by a player will have the tag โ€œMade by [PLAYERNAME]โ€ in the itemโ€™s description.


If a player receives an item they donโ€™t want, they can elect to dismantle it.

Dismantling an item breaks it down into its base parts, providing different components. These components will almost always only be usable to craft items of the same rarity (very occasionally, youโ€™ll receive a component of a higher rarity Any non-tradable item that is dismantled will have its components be non-tradable.

Typically, a player would have to break down 3-5 items of the same rarity in order to craft a chosen item of the same rarity.

New Recipes

Players can obtain new recipes in the following ways:

  • Dismantling: Players have a small chance to automatically learn a new recipe after dismantling an item. The recipe will be the same rarity to the item that was dismantled.

  • Recipe Book: Items that can be purchased from NPCs or players, traded, or dropped by monsters.

  • Old Knowledge: Rare artifacts that occasionally spawn in the wild. These statues will give the player a random recipe (with a higher chance of giving a rarer recipe).

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