The World of Dreva

  • Earth Regions: A nature-filled wonderland with towering trees, ancient carvings, and temples built in worship to the Earth Gods.

  • Water Kingdom: Holding very few settlements on the land itself, the Water Kingdom primarily resides in regal underwater cities.

  • Flame Empire: Ash covered skies and a ground formed from hardened magma. The Flame Empire rules from cities built within mountains, and fortresses built atop volcanoes.

  • Thunder Collective: A small faction, with a city built atop the highest mountain. Their region is home to unique technologies, technical marvels, and constant rain and lightning.

  • Air Ascendancy: A great floating island that moves across the continent. Cities and towns are built atop it, with odd technologies and creations dedicated to maintaining this secret faction.

  • Stone Duchy: A massive network of underground tunnels, leading to cities almost as old as existence.

  • Fallen Lands: Territory which does not belong to any of the six factions. Typically wartorn and filled with powerful enemies.

  • Divine Realm: Home of the Gods. A place of divine beauty and wonder. Accessible after completing the main story.

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