Area Divisions

The separation within the world of Dreva

There are four main types of areas within the open world:

  • Havens: Cities, towns, or any other area which is considered โ€œsafeโ€ and filled with supplies and activities. Players will not find any danger here, unless they go looking for it.

  • Outposts: Smaller safe havens the player can find throughout their journey. They donโ€™t have as much as Havens, but will often provide respite on the playerโ€™s journey. Think inns along the side of the road, or a cave high above any dangers.

  • Wildlands: Areas outside of the protection of havens, typically filled with rival Travelers and Pikamoon. Flat plains, thick jungles, ruins of a fallen town. Not overly dangerous, but caution is necessary. Players will spend most of their time here.

  • Dungeons: Caves, underground fortresses, old temples, floating castles, basically anywhere the player can explore to find Pikamoon and treasure. Can be dangerous if youโ€™re not prepared. These areas are clearly marked, and thus can safely be avoided if the player doesnโ€™t want to venture within.

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