Evolving World

The world of Dreva is ever changing, and the player has an incredible role to play in shaping the world. Therefore, when the player makes their way through the game, completing challenges, defeating bosses, and progressing the main story, itโ€™s important for the world to change to reflect this.

The Event System keeps track of the playerโ€™s progress throughout the game, and alters landmarks and NPCs based on your progress. Did an important character die? Theyโ€™ll disappear from the world. Did the player manage to defeat a powerful Pikamoon? Everyone at the tavern is talking about it. City gets blown up? The map changes to reflect it.

These changes are client-side only, unless the player is in a co-op party and every player present has fulfilled the same requirements to see these changes, in which case everyone will see it.

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