๐ŸฆนCorrupted Instances

Pikamoon's main earning mechanics


Across the realm of Dreva, as travelers battle foes and uncover the mysteries of this realm, they'll face off against a dark and vengeful force long sealed away, now seeking to return to our world. As this being carries out their master plan, they've opened up portals across the realm, which transform the environment and Pikamoon around them into twisted, dark variants. These Corrupted Instances, pocket dimensions of darkness, must be sealed in order to ensure Drevaโ€™s safety.

Corrupted Instances can be found in PvE areas, and come in four different flavors:

  • Wild Pikamoon spawns: A series of battles against several different Wild Pikamoon.

  • Rival Travelers: A difficult battle against a Rival Traveler with a powerful party.

  • Guardians: A battle against a series of weaker mobs, culminating with a showdown against a Guardian boss.

  • Dungeons: A gauntlet of battles, puzzles, and traps, with the promise of incredible rewards.

Corrupted Instances offer both $PIKA and powerful items. In addition, each activity is available in three separate difficulties: Easy, Medium, and Hard.

When arriving in these areas, if a player meets the requirements, they will be presented with an option to tackle a Corrupted Instance. If they accept, theyโ€™ll be transported into a Corrupted Instance where they can earn $PIKAโ€ฆ

Getting Started

In order for players to enter a Corrupted instance, they must have at least one NFT Pikamoon in their party. Ideally, a player will bring only NFT Pikamoon, as non-NFT Pikamoon cannot be used in a Corrupted instance. In addition, the player must have completed the first half of the in-game story in order to access these areas.

With the requirements met, players can travel to any PvE activity and enter a nearby portal to enter the Corrupted Instance.

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