Differences between Regular & Corrupted Instances

On a surface level, regular gameplay and Corrupted Instances are relatively similar. Core gameplay mechanics are identical between the two modes, and theyโ€™ll typically share the same objectives. However, it wouldnโ€™t be any fun if we didnโ€™t have additional challenges.

Corrupted Instances feature stronger enemies wielding new moves, Travelers with access to additional items, Guardians with new phases, and Dungeons with โ€œhard mode bossesโ€. The F2P encounters act as โ€œtraining wheelsโ€ for the Corrupted Instances, allowing players to level their Pikamoon and learn the mechanics at their own pace, before attempting more difficult challenges.

As will be mentioned later in the document, Corrupted Instances drop plenty of items, as well as items not available in regular battles. Furthermore, any items obtained in regular gameplay will NOT be tradable. So while players can improve their character to an extent, they cannot make any money off of these items.

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