Earning Bonuses and Penalties

Not all challenges are equal in difficulty and glory, and the forces of darkness are well aware of this.

Each Corrupted Instance will show an ideal level range. For example, a dungeon in the early game might have an ideal level range of 15-20. So, players are encouraged to bring Pikamoon leveled between 15 and 20.

If a player attempts to bring a Pikamoon above the ideal level range, theyโ€™ll receive an earning penalty. 50% of that Pikamoon's final $PIKA total will be deducted, as will 20% of the teamโ€™s final $PIKA total. The penalty will be further increased if the Pikamoon is significantly stronger, or if there are multiple Pikamoon above the ideal level range, up to a maximum of a 99% deduction. In addition, no items above Rare quality will drop if a Pikamoon is above the ideal level range.

If players attempt to complete the same Corrupted Instance multiple times without variation in activity, a smaller penalty will be inflicted. Starting at 10% deduction and increasing by 5% for each subsequent completion, up to a maximum of 99%. This does stack with the strong Pikamoon penalty. This penalty will decrease by 5% for every other Corrupted Instance completed. This encourages players to tackle different areas in the game, and punishes bots attempting to automate.

But donโ€™t be discouraged! For our most skilful players, if the entire party is comprised of Pikamoon below the ideal level range, they will receive an earning bonus. Starting at 10%, and rising up to 30% depending on how much weaker the party is. Players can also choose to impose limitations on themselves (no items, less Pikamoon, removing weaknesses from enemiesโ€ฆ) These challenges ASTRONOMICALLY increase the difficulty of the Corrupted Instance, but also increase the $PIKA awarded (5% for each restriction imposed). Finally, extremely rare gear items will slightly increase earning potential (1-2% maximum).

These bonuses are applied to final earnings, so you must complete the dungeon to receive the bonus.

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