Energy Mechanic

Energy serves as a fatigue meter. Corrupted Instances exert an evil, exhausting energy upon the world of Dreva, which quickly tires those exposed to it. As the playerโ€™s Pikamoon go through numerous battles against these dark forces, their Energy will be drained. Eventually, when their Energy reaches zero, they can no longer participate in P2E activities.

The active Pikamoon loses 1-5% of Energy at the start of the battle, with reserve Pikamoon losing 1-2%. The active Pikamoon will lose 1% of Energy every turn theyโ€™re present in battle, and an additional 1% for every 20% of health lost. If a Pikamoon is knocked out and later revived, they will lose 25% of their Energy.

Energy will regenerate slowly. From 0% to 100% takes 24 real-life hours without the use of items. In addition, a Pikamoon must have at least 50% Energy in order to participate in P2E activities to begin with. Energy will only begin regenerating when the player is outside a Corrupted Instance.

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