Show everyone your skill in Pikamoon's ultimate events!


All your trials and tribulations have led to this moment. The ultimate showdown between the best Dreva has to offer.

Types of Tournaments

Tournaments can either be Swiss, Single-elimination, or a mix of both.
Swiss tournaments have players compete in a number of matches dependent on entrants, earning points through wins and nothing through loses. They'll compete against players with similar tournament results, and at the end the player with the most points wins.
Single-elimination is what you might be more familiar with. If you lose, even once, you're out. The winners move on to face each other, and the last player standing wins.
A mixed system typically features Swiss for the early rounds, followed by a Single-elimination top bracket.

Player Hosted

Players can opt to host their own tournaments if they so choose. Player tournaments are customizable, allowing or restricting specific Pikamoon, moves, items, and other factors. In addition, players may charge a small entry fee, most of which will serve as a prize for the eventual winner of the tournament.
It is expressly forbidden for any tournament host to participate in their own tournament through use of alternate accounts. It is expressly forbidden for a tournament host to attempt to "fix" a tournament to guarantee a specific individual or individuals win. Any player caught doing this will be severely punished.

The Lifemold Circuit

Introductory tournaments to those who want to experience the competitive side of Pikamoon. These tournaments are hosted by the development team, and are completely free to enter. The Lifemold Circuit can either be Swiss, Single-elimination, or a mix. The eventual winner of these tournaments will receive a rare item as a prize.
As these are beginner tournaments, certain powerful Pikamoon will be forbidden from participating. In addition, any player who has made it to the "top-cut" of a God Circuit tournament will not be able to participate in a Lifemold Circuit.

The Dreva Cup

When you've earned some experience in the Lifemold Circuit, you're welcome to try the Dreva Cup. These are the standard Pikamoon tournaments, with initial Swiss rounds followed by a Single-elimination top-cut.
In order to participate in the Dreva Cup, you'll need a team of six NFT Pikamoon, and you'll need to pay an entry fee. The best players within the tournament will receive part of the entry fee as a reward, depending on how well they placed. In addition, the Dreva Cup also awards rare items, unique skins, and sometimes even NFT Pikamoon.

The God Circuit

Pikamoon's yearly championship. The God Circuit is for the best of the best. Expect legendary hosts, epic livestreams, and the fight of the year as players face-off in what is expected to be GameFi's biggest eSports event.
Only players who've made it to top-cut in a Dreva Cup tournament will be allowed to participate. Like the Dreva Cup, the tournament has a series of initial Swiss rounds with a Single-elimination top-cut. Players will also need to pay a sizeable entry fee in $PIKA in order to play.
Even making it to the God Circuit is an accomplishment, so all entrants will receive some reward, either in the form of a unique Pikamoon skin or some rare items. As for those who climb the ranks? The rewards are epic. Massive amounts of $PIKA, one-of-a-kind items, Pikamoon NFTs, and even a trophy. Prove you have what it takes, and stand above all others!

Profit Potential

It's worth noting that Tournaments aren't just an opportunity for battle-centric players to earn $PIKA. Clever Travelers can use these events to think about the wider Pikamoon economy. Casual players who don't have a full team of tournament-ready Pikamoon can still rent out their strongest characters to help bolster another player's team. Traders with an understanding of the best gear and battle items can look to obtain or stock up in advance, and make a tidy fortune as the tournament approaches. Even explorers can share information about the best training spots... for a fee.