Buy low, sell high!


Pikamoon offers players the ability to trade amongst one another, either directly in-game or through the use of the Marketplace. For the entrepreneurs among us, you can sell items obtained through Corrupted Instances, or attempt to flip items for a profit that you've obtained from other players.

The Marketplace allows you to sell any tradable item obtained. Players can only obtain tradable items from Corrupted Instances, so you'll either need to complete one yourself or purchase items from a player who has.


Whatever your reasons for visiting the Marketplace, there are four options available to you.

  • Buy: Purchase from other players using $PIKA.

  • Sell: Sell to other players using $PIKA.

  • Trade: Swap a commodity with another player for a different, specific commodity.

  • Rent: Loan out an commodity, or rent one yourself, for an agreed-upon duration and $PIKA fee.

When selling an item, you can either put it up for sale for a fixed price, or auction it off to the highest bidder, with optional settings to offer a buyout price as well as a reserve. Fixed prices are more stable, but auctions could afford you the opportunity to earn more $PIKA from competing players. It's entirely up to the Traveler to decide how they want to offload their items.

If you rent out an item for a specified duration, then you will be unable to use or reclaim them item until the rental period has expired. In addition, for obvious reasons, consumable items cannot be rented out.


Because it's not just items available on the Marketplace. Players can also buy, sell, trade, and rent Pikamoon!

Now, there are a couple of limitations here. First of all, players can only list NFT Pikamoon on the Marketplace, at least for the time being. To put it another way, only Pikamoon that can participate in P2E activities can be bought, sold, traded, or rented out. In addition, players must have at least two NFT Pikamoon in order to list one on the Marketplace (you can never put your last NFT Pikamoon up in the Marketplace).

Aside from that, Pikamoon dealing is exactly the same as items. You can buy or sell them, swap them for a specific Pikamoon, or rent them out to players who might not have NFT Pikamoon.

Like with items, any Pikamoon you rent out will be unusable until the rental period has expired. Make sure you have enough of your own Pikamoon before you start renting them out.

Real Estate

While this isn't planned to be implemented until after the game's full release, Travelers will eventually be able to purchase in-game land in a variety of different locations. Real estate will provide players with numerous benefits, and it's only natural the best Travelers are going to want to get their hands on it.

To that end, players will be able to buy, sell, trade, or rent real estate through the Marketplace.

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