New Winds - History of the Air Ascendancy

For as long as they’ve existed, Pikamoon have refused to be confined to the ground of Dreva. Many would scale the great mountains dotting the landscape, or attempt to soar upon powerful winds. Electric Pikamoon would even craft machines granting flight to those who wished for it.
Yet high above Dreva, there existed a place where none could reach. A gathering of clouds, covering a massive landmass. Surrounded by terrifying storms, those who attempted to reach it were instead thrown away. Those who attempted to brush the clouds away found their efforts defeated. The floating island kept its secrets.
As the years passed, the arrival of Electric Pikamoon had shifted the world in many ways. As storm clouds were pulled toward the Thunder Collective, so too were the storms surrounding the floating island. Eventually, the clouds parted, and the secrets were revealed. Upon the floating island, lost centuries before, sat a fortress of stone. Cracked and crumbling, yet still holding its form after all these years.
As Pikamoon journeyed to the floating island, it quickly became apparent that the island was not uninhabited. Waiting for the travelers were new Pikamoon, not seen in the world of Dreva for centuries. Legends spoke of the Air Pikamoon, beings created to guard the Divine Realm from threats. Gifted great power by the first of the Divines, they would protect the entrance to the sacred lands from those who would attempt to intrude…
Yet over time, Air Pikamoon would grow disillusioned with the Divines. Tired with their scheming and warring, the Air Pikamoon turned on the Gods. Using their great powers, they plucked an island from the seas and brought it into the air. Then, they gathered clouds and storms, surrounding their new floating island. No one, not Divine or Pikamoon, would disturb their new home.
And for hundreds of years, no one did. In this hidden realm, the Air Pikamoon assembled their stone fortress. Their island was transformed to accommodate all their needs: Skyfarms for food and Windtowers for protection. There is no doubt they could have continued to live in secrecy for thousands of years, and yet the disturbance caused by Electric Pikamoon exposed the Air Pikamoon’s hidden island.
The return of Air Pikamoon has changed much in the realm of Dreva. There are those who follow the Divines without question, and despise these beings. Yet there are others who have grown tired with the Divines, willing to welcome Air Pikamoon as staunch allies. While the Air Pikamoon themselves prefer the quiet and isolation, they show a childlike curiosity toward a world they’ve never seen before…
Legend has transformed into reality, as the Air Ascendancy have at last returned to the world.