๐ŸชจThe Lost Tomb - History of the Stone Duchy

Beneath Dreva, deep within the depths of the earth, old beings stir. Centuries of conflict shook the continent, shaking it to its very core. Massive battles and divine magic forever reshaped the world, and unleashed something long thought lostโ€ฆ

Deep beneath the land, there exists an ancient network of tunnels. Twisting and winding throughout the continent. While some had previously been uncovered, the true extent of this network had never been realized. With a fragile peace settling upon the land, the Pikamoon were finally given the chance to investigate these tunnels.

Here, the Pikamoon uncovered the First City. The resting place of the Divine before the Divine Realm was created. Here, among the white marble towers and great bridged crossing vast ravines, was lost history. A place thought undiscoverable, only talked about in the oldest legends.

Yet it was not only the First City that was uncovered. There was something else to be found hereโ€ฆ

In the darkest fathoms of old stone vaults, the Pikamoon uncovered living, breathing beings. Rock Pikamoon. Described in the old legends as Architects, Assemblers, and Crafters, they were creations of the Divines. Formed from Lifemold and given instructions to build a world that mortal beings would one day inhabit.

While Earth Pikamoon were the first to walk the realm of Dreva as we know it, it was the Rock Pikamoon that crafted this world. They carved out landmasses, stirred mountains, and drew trees from the ground like drawing water from a well. When their work was done, they assembled the First City, and slumbered in silence until they were needed againโ€ฆ

Rediscovered once more, the Rock Pikamoon have awoken.

With all the damage Dreva has suffered over the centuries, the prowess and skill of Rock Pikamoon are needed now more than ever. Yet the world they built no longer exists. Will they succeed in finding their path in this strange new environment? With tensions threatening a new war, and with mysterious disappearances occurring across the land, can they even hope to build a brighter future?

Rock Pikamoon are among the hardiest in the realm. Tempered by Divine magics, their bodies can shrug off vast amounts of damage. In addition, their powers allow them to shift and mold the terrain around them, granting them and their allies various buffs while weakening their opponents.

Rock Pikamoon are a protective species, having relied on each other to survive centuries deep beneath Dreva. They are slow to trust and somewhat unwilling to share their secrets with other Pikamoon, believing they are responsible for Drevaโ€™s suffering. However, they are brave beyond belief, ready to sacrifice themselves if it means protecting the beautiful world they have forgedโ€ฆ

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