đŸĨˇAccount Creation

Step into Dreva!

In order to access the PikaHub, you'll first need an account. You can either use your Google or X/Twitter Account, or create one from scratch.

All you'll need is your name, a username, email, and phone number. Your username will serve as your in-game handle. A title that everyone will know you by. Make sure you pick something cool, cute, epic, or just funny.

Please ensure you choose an appropriate username, else your account will be at risk of termination.

After confirming your email, all you'll need to do is connect an existing wallet, ideally one with $PIKA already present. You'll need at least 50,000 $PIKA in order to access the Beta, but if you're missing the required amount then you'll be able to purchase it on the following screen.

And at last, with your wallet connected and your $PIKA balance filled, it's time to install the PikaHub. Click on the download button, and enter into the next generation of gaming...

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