đŸ’ŗWallet System

Your own Pikamoon wallet!

For the love of Gaia, NEVER allow another person to access your wallet. There's going to be plenty of people jealous of your $PIKA and Pikamoon, and they'd do just about anything to get their hands on it. The Pikamoon team will NEVER ask for access to your wallet, so report anyone who tries it.

The PikaHub makes the web3 GameFi experience more seamless than ever before. Each player will be assigned a digital wallet that's directly associated with their game account. Thanks to this, you'll easily be able to store your digital assets, like $PIKA, cryptocurrencies, and your Pikamoon NFTs. In addition, this wallet will allow you to engage in secure transactions with other players, and ensuring scammers don't have an easy time getting a hold of your collection.

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