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HP Calculation
PikamoonHP =((2HealthTP +(LevelBgdHealthTP/4)) Level)
PikamoonHP = The Pikamoon’s HP.
HealthTP = The number of Training Points the Pikamoon has in their Health stat.
Level = The Pikamoon’s Level.
BgdHealthTP = Background Health TP, or the number of Health TPs the Pikamoon STARTED with (either 1, 2, or 4).
Move Hit Chance
Move Hit Chance = (BAcc+ HCMBoost + HCIBoost + Deadeye + Lockon) - HCMD
Move Hit Chance = The chance the move will hit.
BAcc = Base Accuracy (the Accuracy value listed on the move)
HCBoost = Hit Chance Move Boost (i.e. did any moves used by the Pikamoon boost their accuracy)?
HCIBoost = Hit Chance Item Boost (i.e. did any items used by the Traveler boost the Pikamoon’s accuracy)?
Deadeye = If move has Deadeye, this value is equal to 999 (so if a Pikamoon has Deadeye, this gets added to their Move Hit Chance). Otherwise, this value is equal to 0.
HCMD = Hit Chance Move Decrease (i.e. did any moves used by this Pikamoon or the opposing Pikamoon lower their accuracy)?
HitDifficulty = d100
if MoveHitChance < HitDifficulty → Move misses.
if MoveHitChance HitDifficulty → Move hits.
Damage Calculation
Damage =(((0.75 (Power Marked) (Attack/Defense) Effectiveness ) +1)) Crit)Barrier Damage = Damage dealt to opponent’s HP.
Power = The base power of the move.
Marked = If the opponent was previously Marked, and if the user is using a Marked move, this is equal to 2. Otherwise, it’s 1.
Attack = The attacker’s TPs in the Attack stat.
Defense = The defender’s TPs in the Defense stat.
Effectiveness = 1 if no typing advantage, 2 if the attacking move is super effective against the opponent, 0.5 if it’s not effective against the opponent.
Crit = If a critical hit occurs, this becomes 2. Else, it’s 1.
Barrier = If the opponent DOESN’T have Barrier active, this becomes 1.If they DO have Barrier active, this becomes 0.
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