Pikamoon Docs
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$PIKA is the native currency of the Pikaverse. Users need Pikamoon tokens to make any purchase in the marketplace. Everything on the marketplace can only be bought with Pikamoon tokens, from health to transportation or even jewellery.
As luck would have it, the marketplace equitably distributes the tokens to benefit the Pikamoon project. Most importantly, 5% of the tokens that are spent will be burned forever!
This mechanism was integrated to increase scarcity which in turn leads to an increase in price of the token. This will be a major advantage for token hodlers.
Also, 65% of the tokens spent will go to the Play-2-Earn pool. The tokens will be distributed monthly to quests that players must complete in the Pikaverse. Finally, 30% will be dedicated to Pikamoon's marketing and development, so the project can grow and scale up as needed.
Items can be found while exploring, obtained from friendly Travelers, or purchased from the shop.
Healing Items
Exactly what it says on the tin! Healing items allow you to restore unconscious Pikamoon back to normal, so you don’t need to wait for them to recover. You can only use these items outside of battle.
Capture Device
The Capture Device is your main method at acquiring wild Pikamoon. When a Pikamoon is willing to join your team, shown by your skill and prowess in battle, you’ll be able to use the Capture Device in order to seal the deal. The Capture Device can be equipped with numerous upgrades and behavior changes, in order to help capture different Pikamoon.
IMPORTANT: The Capture Device is the only item which be can used on an opposing Pikamoon, and only if that Pikamoon is wild.
Powerful stimulants capable of boosting your Pikamoon’s stats for the duration of the battle. You can only use a single stimulant on each of your Pikamoon for the duration of the battle, so choose wisely.
Snacks to give to your Pikamoon! Each Pikamoon has different tastes, so they’ll appreciate it if you go to the effort to find something they like.
Traveler Card
A record marking your progress throughout the Dreva region, detailing the Pikamoon you’ve caught, the Travelers you’ve defeated, and the great deeds you’ve accomplished.
Travel around the region of Dreva in style! The hoverboard allows for swift, easy travel.