Pikamoon ($PIKA) is the native crypto of the Pikaverse. It is a deflationary GameFi coin with real value and utility. You can spend $PIKA in the in-game marketplace on luxurious items in your quest to navigate the Pikaverse. Complete missions to earn $PIKA and level up your avatars.

Key Points

  • Pre Sale Round 1 (PIKA) - $0.0002

  • Pre Sale Round 2 (PIKA) - $0.0004

  • Pre Sale Round 3 (PIKA) - $0.0006

  • Pre Sale Round 1 has a 2 month cliff from Token Generation Event (TGE). Meaning this round of tokens won't be able to be claimed till 2 months after the ICO has completed.

  • Pre Sale Round 2 has a 1 month cliff from TGE.

  • Pre sale Round 3 has no cliff from TGE.

We have constructed it this way to prevent Pre Sale round 1 & 2 dumping on round 3 initially at token launch. Earlier rounds are making upwards of 300% ROI on these late purchasers. Pikamoon token is designed for long term sustainability of our project and don't want to be used as a quick flip for early investors.


Pikamoon incorporates a small 2.5% transaction tax on Sell orders & Transfers. There is NO buy Tax when purchasing $PIKA. The Pikamoon token is used to support our metaverse and marketplace, therefore we want to reward hodlers of Pikamoon by punishing those leaving our ecosystem. 1% of the tax will go towards marketing, 1% towards the ecosystem development fund / P2E Rewards and 0.5% burned forever!

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