English Whitepaper


A detailed look at the world of Dreva and the beings who populate it

A Brief History

The world of Dreva has known a long history filled with conflict… And yet, despite everything it has survived, it may not be enough to stop the end of everything.
Once, there was only the Gods. Ageless beings wielding great power. First were the Earth Gods: Gaius, Terran, and Nertha. They created the first Pikamoon with the gift of Lifemold. The Earth Pikamoon, solitary at first, would slowly grow closer over many hundreds of years to build a thriving community…
Later, the Earth Gods would be joined by the Water Gods: Tritar, Oceana, and Achela. Then came the Fire Gods: Promethun, Hepha, and Sekh. Yet the Earth Gods would not share the secrets of the Lifemold, the secret to create life. Refusing to share this information would lead to a terrible war. One that would shake Dreva.
The Gods chose the realm of the living as their battleground, bathing Dreva in water and fire, forever transforming it. Pikamoon caught up in the fighting found themselves transformed. Water Pikamoon rose from the divine waters, and Fire Pikamoon emerged from the ash-covered landscapes. These Pikamoon, perhaps urged on by their creators, would battle one another for millennia.
For a time, the Water Kingdom would rule supreme over the Earth Regions and Flame Empire. Fire Pikamoon, following the guidance of their Gods, used a stolen fragment of Lifemold to create a new being: Thunder Pikamoon. These strange beings would break the stranglehold of the Water Kingdom and drive them from stolen lands. In the aftermath, an uneasy peace fell upon Dreva. No side was willing to commit to further battles…
At least, not yet.
In recent years, Dreva has seen new visitors come to their realm. So-called “Travelers”, who had journeyed from other universes to venture here. Peculiar beings in their own right, they have begun forming partnerships with some Pikamoon. Bonds forged from battle and friendship.
Bonds that will be necessary, if they are to stop the darkness that is to come…
Continent of Dreva


Earth Regions

The oldest faction, the Earth Regions once existed as scattered tribes across the continent. Yet they joined together to survive the God Wars, becoming a united group capable of surviving any threat.
A somewhat reserved species, even after coming together, Earth Pikamoon are slow to trust others and quick to retaliate. They each hold an instinctive love of nature, and a quiet sense of pride as they watch the world grow under their careful hand. Above all else, they are stubborn to the bitter end.
Earth Pikamoon are considered primitive by some, but that is a crude and outright false assumption. Earth Pikamoon wield magic and nature to craft intricate, complex tools. Staves capable of directing water with a mere gesture, vine nets to construct vast bridges, and bark armor that can deflect almost any attack.

Water Kingdom

Once the mightiest, there was a time where the Water Kingdom ruled over all of Dreva. Yet when the Thunder Pikamoon came into existence, their powerbase was broken and they were forced back to their underwater cities.
Water Pikamoon adore the company of others. They build large families and gather massive groups of friends. Anything not done together is considered a waste. They believe in unity and in the power of teamwork. Their rich history is told through the Water’s Dance, a beautiful composition of music joined by twisting water into incredible shapes.
The pride of the Water Kingdom are the underwater cities. Great domes of magical energy that allow for rich and intricate cities that sprawl across the ocean floor. Within these cities you’ll find aquariums housing all kinds of marine life, crystal tubes to transport you from one place to another, and singing crystals which contain the souls of fallen Pikamoon…

Flame Empire

Once an exiled tribe of Earth Pikamoon, the Ashlands transformed them. A hardy species who have seen much conflict and strife, the Flame Empire languished under the rule of Water Pikamoon for a thousand years. When the day came at last to overthrow them, they did so with glee. Ruling from the sunless Ashlands, it is said that Fire Pikamoon never forget a good deed… or an insult.
Passionate beyond all measure, Fire Pikamoon can easily lose themselves in a hobby or a project. They are fiercely loyal, ready and eager to defend any who would harm their friends. Above all else, be wary of their burning tempers, which can set the earth alight…
Fire Pikamoon are incredibly resourceful, making do with little. The rich soils of the Ashlands, and the techniques used to cultivate them, could feed Dreva five times over. They craft powerful weapons and armor from the molten rock itself, and wield forbidden magics to tame the dozens of volcanoes lining their home, all in order to craft jagged fortresses atop each of them.

Thunder Collective

The newest Pikamoon to Dreva, the Thunder Collective were created by Fire Pikamoon seeking to destroy the Water Kingdom. Peculiar beings who craft complex creations and are incapable of speech, they have nevertheless earned their place within the realm.
Electric Pikamoon communicate through expressions and telepathy, a language which other Pikamoon struggle to learn (but can do so). They keep to themselves, with many claiming to hear singing on stormless nights.
The Thunder Collective has assembled strange machines powered by the bodies of Electric Pikamoon. These machines can generate light in darkness, heat when it gets cold, and recreate sounds which were previously uttered elsewhere.

Air Ascendancy

A faction hidden for the longest time, the Air Ascendancy were the only Pikamoon who went against the Divines. Once guardians of the Divine Realm, Air Pikamoon fled to start a life of their own as they grew tired with the scheming of the Gods. After using their great powers to raise a floating island and conceal it, they would only be rediscovered hundreds of years later.
Introverted yet curious, Air Pikamoon are utterly transfixed by the world they left behind, tempered by a quiet nervousness. Air Pikamoon are often at odds with other Pikamoon, due to their rejection of the Divines. One trait almost all Air Pikamoon share is their willingness to explore the realm of Dreva, and so you’ll often find these beings just about anywhere. Interestingly, due to their rejection of the Divines, the Air Pikamoon empowered three of their greatest with Lifemold, essentially giving them the power of the Gods.
Despite their absence from the world at large, Air Pikamoon have succeeded in crafting a rich, intricate society for themselves. Their floating island is powered by distilled Lifemold, stolen during their escape hundreds of years ago. Their closeness to the Divines also allowed them to use secret techniques to forge farm houses and well springs, giving them infinite food and water.

Stone Duchy

The lost builders. Deep beneath the realm of Dreva, within an ancient network of tunnels, sits the First City… and the slumbering Rock Pikamoon. These beings, waking at last, once forged the realm of Dreva. Carving out landmasses and raising mountains, they were left to rest until needed once more. The world they built no longer exists, and has suffered greatly over centuries of war. If Dreva ever wants to claim a peaceful future, they will need the help of the Stone Duchy.
Protective and slow to trust others, Rock Pikamoon guard their secrets with great jealousy. They were the Divine’s chosen, after all. Still, they are not incapable of forming relationships with others, and they are known, both in myth and in the present day, for their incredible bravery. They will happily give their life if it means guarding the world they’ve forged.
Although the tools used to craft the realm have long since been lost to time, Rock Pikamoon still hold a great deal of knowledge and skill. They are capable of crafting structures that will stand against even the harshest of storms, roadways that will resist the wear and tear of constant use, and even bridges which could stretch across the length of Dreva.

The Divinity

The Divinity is made up of the twelve Gods who rule over Dreva. Brooding beings prone to violence at a moment’s notice, the devastation their wars have unleashed have nearly destroyed Dreva several times over.
There are three Gods per “element”.
  • Earth Gods: Gaius, Terran, Nertha
  • Water Gods: Tritar, Oceana, Achela
  • Fire Gods: Promethun, Hepha, Sekh
  • Electric Gods: Zes, Summa, Orkus
While the Air Ascendancy and Stone Duchy are known to have Gods, their identities are currently unknown.
Despite their differences, there is one shared belief that rings loudly in the minds of the Gods. We lead, you obey. They think themselves far above the mere Pikamoon and Travelers of Dreva. Every decision they make, even if it aids mortal beings, is made to further their own machinations.
Anything Pikamoon have crafted, the Gods possess. They steal the knowledge of their creations, using it to their own ends. Beyond that, they wield the Lifemold, the means to craft life itself…