๐ŸŒฟRise of the Ancients - History of the Earth Regions

From the flooded depths of the Water Kingdom to the ash-covered mounts of the Flame Empire, there is not an inch of land that did not once know the gentle touch of Earth Pikamoon. Even today, the influence of this species is known across the continent of Dreva.

At the beginning of the world, the first three Gods ascended to greatness. Gaius, Terran, and Nertha. These gods were given the gift of Lifemold. A way to transform the earth and sand, by molding it into sentient beings. They walked among the empty plains of Dreva, a landmass given to them to fill with beings. The Gods used the Lifemold to create the first Earth Pikamoon.

At first, the Earth Pikamoon were solitary. Although they quickly developed the means to talk and trade, they lived in isolation. Perhaps in pairs or groups of three or four, but no more than that. It took them many hundreds of years to learn to join forces, to face the dangers of Dreva together.

Eventually, the first tribes were formed. There were hundreds who roamed in these early days, but we shall focus on a select few. The Soil tribe would be among the first to farm and grow great fields of wheat. The Stone tribe would earn recognition for crafting tools. Let us not forget the Burrow tribe, whose underground towns can still be found resting beneath Dreva to this day. Hundreds of tribes, each with rich cultures and histories that would greatly influence future generations. Each shared a love and respect for nature.

It was around this time that others would join the Earth Gods. Other mighty Gods had ascended to join their ranks. Tritar, Oceana, and Achela of the Water Gods, and Promethun, Hepha, and Sekh of the Fire Gods. For a time, there was peace between them. Yet over the many thousands of years, jealousy burned within the hearts of the Gods of Water and Fire. While the Earth Gods had welcomed them into their ranks, treating them as equals, they refused to share the secrets of the Lifemold.

Furious at being denied, the Fire Gods unleashed flame and fury upon Dreva, scorching the East of the continent. Next, the Water Gods struck the lands with massive waves of water. As the powers of the Gods devastated Dreva, the many tribes rose to the challenge. Although they resisted the destruction at first, soon it became apparent they faced a threat unlike any otherโ€ฆ

But something incredible happened. Rather than staying apart, the tribes came together. They gathered in the underground towns. Here, they shared their knowledge and their skills to survive the chaos. They sang songs and told the stories of their tribes, keeping spirits high even though it seemed like the end of the worldโ€ฆ

Yet as the storms settled, the tribes were no more. The Earth Regions had risen in their place.

In the aftermath of the flames and floods, there was much work to be done. As the Gods battled within the Godrealm, the Earth Pikamoon set about restoring the lands. With spells and tools, they wiped much of the burnt land away. Soon, grass and trees grew once again. They drained the floods and crafted the Rivers of Eterna, a great vein of water running through the centre of the continent. The beauty of the lands returned.

Yet soon, a new threat would rise. Pikamoon who had been touched by the divine waters, or lived within the burned lands, transformed. They became the first Water and Fire Pikamoon, later going on to form the Water Kingdom and Flame Empire. A thousand-year war would follow, but that is a story for another timeโ€ฆ

The tale of the Earth Regions is a touching one. The story of a species coming together to accomplish what individual Pikamoon could not. It is through their sturdiness that they have survived for thousands of years. I am utterly confident in stating that they will continue to survive for thousands more years to come.

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