๐Ÿ”ฅThe Burning Furies - History of the Flame Empire

Long ago, the Earth Gods refused to share the secret to create life, angering the Water and Fire Gods. Yet it was the Fire Gods that showed their fury first. Promethun, Hepha, and Sekh unleashed flames upon Dreva, scorching the continent. The fires would rampage for a long time before the Water Gods would douse them in their floods. The lands were burned, but almost everything would healโ€ฆ except for the Ashlands.

In this sunless place, where the Fire Gods had summoned volcanoes from the depths of the earth, there lived a group of Earth Pikamoon. Once part of the Earth Regions, they were cast out for reasons we no longer know. With much of the continent flooded, they settled in the Ashlands, and made a new home.

The Ashlands were harsh, in more ways than one. Not only was there a lack of sunlight, but also a lack of nature. The Earth Pikamoon thrived among trees and plants. The exiled tribe struggled for a long timeโ€ฆ but eventually, they began to change. Adapt. Thrive. Evolve. Before long, the Ashlands had given birth to a new kind of Pikamoon: Fire Pikamoon.

Once considered uninhabitable, the Ashlands proved to be a gift to the new Flame Empire. The rich soil allowed the Fire Empire to grow massive amounts of food. They crafted powerful weapons and armor from molten rock. They conquered the many volcanoes of the Ashlands and erected mighty fortresses on each of them. Together, the Fire Pikamoon had built something special.

Yet despite the change they had been through, they had not forgotten their treatment at the hands of the Earth Regions. They also refused to ignore the growing power of the Water Kingdom. Spurred on by an ancient need for vengeance, and a refusal to give up their home, the Fire Empire declared war. They struck first against the Earth Regions, driving many Earth Pikamoon from the lands. The flames of the Fire Pikamoon proved strikingly effective against the Earth Pikamoon, and they easily won the first battles.

Yet the Flame Empire would not enjoy the taste of victory for long. The Water Kingdom soon arrived and devastated both armies, holding a natural advantage over Fire Pikamoon. The Flame Empire was driven back to the Ashlands and forced to agree to a ceasefire. For a thousand years, they remained within their volcano fortresses. For a thousand years, they grew angrier.

And with that anger, they developed the ultimate weapon.

The Flame Empire was not just filled with hotheads, but also brilliant minds. A new era of geniuses and scientists, equipped with ideas to change the world. Through their research, they uncovered a piece of Lifemold. The power used by the Earth Gods to create life, now in the hands of Fire Pikamoon. For years they plotted, deciding on the best course of action until at last a decision was made.

In the midst of a thunderstorm, the answer came to them.

Traveling to the tallest mountain, a group of Fire Pikamoon presented the Lifemold to the storms. A bolt of lightning struck the Lifemold, and in a powerful explosion, a new being was born. Thunder Pikamoon. We shall explore these beings another time, but all you need to know for now is that they overwhelmed the Water Kingdom in a sudden attack. The Water Pikamoon were driven from much of the territory they had conquered.

And the war began once more.

Fire Pikamoon are often talked about in a negative light. People criticize their impulsiveness, and tempers which can shake the earth. While these facts are true, there is also more to them. Fire Pikamoon develop burning passions for their hobbies and interests and are quick to jump to the defense of any who would harm their friends. They also possess exceptional memories, both for the goodโ€ฆ and the bad.

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