๐ŸŒŠThe Surging Tides - History of the Water Kingdom

Water Pikamoon appeared after Tritar, Oceana, and Achela. These Water Gods flooded the continent many years ago in an act of jealousy, all because they didnโ€™t possess the power of the Lifemold. The waters were utterly destructive. The force of the waves cut through the land like butter, splitting the whole continent in half! Although the Earth Pikamoon survived, Dreva would never be the sameโ€ฆ

Especially after what happened next.

Earth Pikamoon who drank the divine waters were transformed overnight. Their skin of wood peeled away. Their leafy fur vanished. Gills grew from their necks. Soon they found themselves happier in the water than they ever were on land. These new Pikamoon quickly retreated to the Great Waterfall in the north and the Shattered Islands in the south. Yet wherever they went, they all stood under one banner. The Water Kingdom.

For a time, the Water Pikamoon were a quiet species. Although they had memories from their time as Earth Pikamoon, they wished to establish their own future. While Earth Pikamoon had previously been lonely, Water Pikamoon adored the company of others. They would build large families and gather massive groups of friends. They would eat together, explore together, and play together. They worked together to craft massive cities at the bottom of the oceans. At night, beneath the moonlight, they would twist and bend water into incredible shapes to tell amazing stories.

For a time there was peace. But peace cannot remain forever.

For you see, part of the Water Godsโ€™ arrogance also remained in the minds of the Water Pikamoon. They believed they were better than the other types of Pikamoon that inhabited Dreva. Therefore, they should be the ones in control! This feeling grew over many years until eventually, the Water Kingdom began to expand its lands and take more territory.

The response was immediate. The Flame Empire, home of Fire Pikamoon, declared war on both the Earth Regions and the Water Kingdom. The Earth Regions were quick to follow suit. Yet as Fire and Earth clashed, the Water Kingdom took its time. They advanced slowly, their grip over Dreva growing across the island, inch by inch. As nature and flame exhausted themselves against one another, a great tide would sweep them all away.

It soon became apparent that while Fire Pikamoon held a natural advantage against Earth Pikmaoon, and Water Pikamoon held a natural advantage against Fire Pikamoon, there were none who held a natural advantage against Water Pikamoon. Fighting a weakened enemy, they swept across them, and within a few short years, they had control of almost all of Dreva. A ceasefire was agreed upon. The Flame Empire kept their volcano, the Earth Regions kept some forests, but everything else belonged to the Water Kingdom.

For a thousand years, the Water Kingdom would rule. From the tips of the Scarred Mountains to the depths of the Ancient Pits, almost everything belonged to Water Pikamoon. Not even intervention from the Earth and Fire Gods could dislodge them. Although the Water Pikamoon treated others respectfully, the Fire Empire would forever hold a blazing desire for revengeโ€ฆ

And from that revenge, came the downfall of the Water Kingdom.

To this day, the details remain scarce. Yet what we know is that the actions of the Fire Empire resulted in the birth of a new Pikamoon: Thunder Pikamoon. As storm clouds gathered over the continent, the Thunder Collective launched a powerful, unsuspecting attack upon the Water Kingdom. With powerful bursts of energy, the Water Pikamoon were driven back to their home territoriesโ€ฆ

And the war began once more.

The Water Kingdomโ€™s history is a rich but brutal one. For a thousand years, they have ruled, and now they may very well reap what they have sowed. But do not underestimate them. Water Pikamoon are known for their adaptability and their quick thinking. Like a wave, they climb higher and higher, before crashing down on unsuspecting foes.

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